Emthunzini Sun Hats

Emthunzini Sun Hats - “A place in the shade” These fantastic packable, crushable and washable hats are perfect for the garden, the beach, Wimbledon, Henley or your holiday! Emthunzini Sun hats are designed to give serious sun protection while making you look great. All hats are tested and rate SPF50+ which means they cut out 98% of the sun’s harmful uv rays! WASHABLE & CRUSHABLE Ideal FOR TRAVELLING! Hats will fit almost every head size. Every hat has either an internal drawstring or adjustable band for individual sizing. Ladies hats are generally size 58cm. Mens hats are either 58cm, 61cm or 63cm.
  • Breton Sun Hat

    THE BRETON HAT - available in many colours This Emthunzini hat is 100% POLYESTER …

  • Capeline Sun Hat

    THE CAPELINE HAT -available in many colours

    This is a Classic Su…

  • Capetonian Sun Hat

    THE CAPETONIAN HAT -available in many colours

    This is a Classic …

  • Gigi Sun Hat

    THE Gigi HAT  is  100% Natural Fibre.

    It is Spot Washable…

  • Gilly Sun Hat

    The Gilly sun  hat  is  Ideal for all outdoor activ…

  • Hepburn Sun Hat

    The Hepburn sun  hat  is  Ia beautiful sun hat with…

  • Oscar Sun Hat Charcoal

    The Oscar sun  hat  in Charcoal is a unisex hat and looks gre…

  • Safari Sun Hat White / Black

    The Safari sun  hat  is a unisex hat and loo…

  • SydneySun Hat

    Sydney Sun Hat is made from 100% Acrylic and is ahnd washable. It is a lightwe…

  • Kristy Sun Hat

    The Kristy hat Flirty and fun, the bright colours are non-colourfast and can have…

  • Bella Sun Hat

    The Bella Sun hat Sporting a heritage town and country style, this polybraid is…

  • Oscar Sun Hat Brown

    The Oscar sun  hat  in Brown is a unisex hat and looks great …