Rogue Tinny Hats

Rogue Tinny Hats are made from 100% cotton and waterproofed with a traditional blend of linseed oil, beeswax and other "secret" ingredients from the Rogue factory.

Rogue have designed and made the Tinny hat for when "Tough Really Matters"!

This Rogue hat is known as "The Legend".

Back in the 1800's hunters,miners and outdoorsmen around the world relied on the strength and durability of old fashioned "tin cloth" for protection against the elements. "As tough as tin" they said, because tin was the toughest metal they had. Made from heavyweight cotton cavas soaked in a blend of wax and natural oils. Tin cloth was the standard for weatherproof clothing.

In a world of synthetics and cheap trash, why not re-create a legend? Handmade from 100% cotton and soaked in natural oils and waxes.

The Rogue Tinny hats have a distinctive shape and are available in sand or olive colours.

This Rogue hat has a distinctive linseed oil smell that is loved by all "outdoor" enthusiasts!