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Rogue Fly Swat


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Indestructible leather swat.

Price is for one fly swat.


If you order before 30th July we will put your flyswat on back order and post as soon as we receive our stock from Rogue!


An indestructible leather swat with twisted handle. Colour of leather may vary from image shown. Rogue started to make these from their leather off-cuts, and they are now a very popular gift!!!
  • Quality
    Every time
    Review by John Con 27/03/2017
    Love it - does the job and no problem with the flimsy handle, since you don't have to drive it like a sledge hammer. Light swing gets the job done, first time every time so far.
  • Quality
    Great Swat!
    Review by Jonathan Hon 27/03/2017
    This is the best fly swatter I have seen or used. It may seem a bit expensive, but it will last a lifetime and is so nice to use, the twisted steel is very stiff and enables fast swats with no wind resistance is just goes through the air so quickly , the mosquito or fly has no warning, and the leather is nice as floppy and holes make it swish through the air so easily. for under £10 it is great. Yes just get one, they are great if you want to swat flies. You won'r regret it , a very nicely designed piece and a joy to use, makes swatting flies fun..
  • Price
    Review by Margareton 05/08/2013
    The flies don't know what's hit them - brilliant thank you!
  • Quality
    Better than plastic alternatives
    Review by Gillon 04/06/2013
    Looks well made, better than plastic alternatives. Looking forward to claiming my first victim.
  • Value
    very satisfying to use.
    Review by Seymour Sunshine "Seymour Sunshine" on 18/10/2011
    Living and working in the north African desert I probably get more experience with flies than most people. And these aren't like European flies. They're smaller, faster and much more persistent. A single fly in the room can cause intense irritation as it decides that your ears, eyes, nose and mouth are suitable sources of moisture and nourishment. Waving at them does no good at all as they just fly off and return immediately.

    The leather-bladed Rogue excels in its killing ability and the fun that you will have using it. The business end is a rectangle of leather folded over and riveted onto a twisted wire handle. It makes a beautiful swishing noise as it flies through the air and a wonderful "thwack" as it kills the fly. To me, this makes it very satisfying to use.

    The handle is not the Rogue's strongest selling point. It is not easy to hold and I found that it occasionally slipped in my hand in use. No matter, the fly was still sent to insect oblivion.

    A huge advantage of the Rogue is that the blade, being leather, can conform to slightly curved surfaces like the arms or back of an armchair. It will also wipe a fly down a window, so you can kill them there as well. It simply gives you more killing opportunities.

    The Rogue does need to be used with a deliberate strike. A quick flick of the wrist simply isn't going to be effective. This isn't a drawback, simply a technique.

    I am still not decided which side of the leather should come into contact with the fly. Should it be the smooth side or the suede side of the blade? I imagine that a conference would be needed to settle this question once and for all as they both have their advantages.

    The Rogue would also look good hanging up in your kitchen, but would probably look more in place in a rustic setting - near a mangle would be a good setting.

    I use the Oxo in my school where other people often want to use it. But for my own personal, private pleasure back in my accommodation, I use the Rogue. This is because I prefer a leather and metal construction over plastic and I love the swish and thwack sounds it makes. (Makes me sound rather like Professor Jimmy Edwards, eh what?)

    If you buy you this you will have a quick and very efficient and hard-wearing fly swat which doesn't leave a chemical residue, smell of petrochemicals or damage the ozone layer - and will last and give immense pleasure for many years.

    Update: I'm now resident in UK again. I left my original with my friends in the desert and have bought another one for use here. It's the only one worth having.

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