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Rogue Buffalo Hat

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A genuine African Buffalo hat with medium width curved brim and flyband. Genuine African Buffalo. A "must-have" Rogue hat. You can be sure that no-one else will have the same hat as you if you are wearing your Rogue "Buff" hat!!!

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A genuine Rogue Buffalo Hat. This African buffalo leather hat has a medium width curved brim and flyband. Available in oily fullgrain dark brown. A really unique and unusual hat. This Rogue Buffalo hat is a very popular one and is a stylish hat to wear! Looks great on the guys or girls.
  • Quality
    The best bush hat, the best leather
    Review by Timoon 01/08/2010
    Had my Rogue buffalo bush hat for about 4 years now, it's kept scorching heat off my head sea kayaking, stopped rain pouring down my neck at work, and has kept the snow out of my eyes in the arctic circle.
    Having tried normal leather hats i found after prolonged usage in wet conditions they lose there shape and never fit or feel the same again, the buffalo leather makes a huge difference, too the point that when i'm kayaking/canoeing on hot days i can keep it soaked all day and it still holds its shape.

    The only possible downside is that being quite thick it does take a little longer to dry, putting on a frozen hat in the morning's not the finest experiance i've had.

    As for build quality, i've still not found a lose thread and it'll do a few more years yet. As much as i'd like to complain about the cost, i can't, its a bargain..
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    The best hat I've ever owned
    Review by Jakeon 14/01/2010
    I have lived in the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona for 6 years and have always worn felt hats. I found out fast that my usual headwear would not stand up to the brutal summers where the temperature can exceed 48 degrees.

    I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful country that is South Africa and while I was there I kept my eye out for a hat that would suit the summers in Arizona. On my last day I came across the Rogue Buffalo Hat and the very second I picked it up I knew this hat was much better than what I could find in the States. The leather was very thick and it gave the hat a nice weighty feel, I looked it over and noticed that the stitching was a very high quality. I was surprised to see that the headband was sewn on the full length of the band and not glued on with a few strategic stitches placed here and there like my Barmah hat was. The Rogue metal badge was also fully riveted through the band to the inside of the hat so you never have to worry about it coming off.

    Once I tried it on I knew that this was "THE HAT" I was looking for, it was immediately comfortable and although the leather was very thick it breathed nicely and was not hot to wear.

    I've had my Buffalo Hat for 3 and a half years and it has stood up to the elements smashingly with out appearing worn or tired. It's been on many hikes through the dessert as well as other climates. I was recently in Chicago and was caught in a rain storm; the hat was soaked and became very limp, soggy and warped. I was worried that it had met its match and that it would never again hold its original shape. I set it over the arm of a couch to dry and the next morning it was as good as new.

    It has been sat on, stepped on, fought over by children, thrown, poked with thorns, left in a hot car, attacked by a cat, had various liquids spilled on it, been used as a fan, a sun shade and to shield my face from dust storms. On occasion I treat it with a leather conditioner when it gets dirty and dry and that seems to keep it looking new and hydrated. I have gotten more compliments on this hat than I can count and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hat that you can count on for the rest of your life.

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